I’ve been a bit missing lately. I have spent a few days in Madrid, Spain. I can’t call it holidays, as we have just been visiting family. With the Covid still spreading everywhere, we limited our social interactions to just our closest ones, avoiding friends almost completely. I missed them! But it was nice to spend a few days with the ones we love, knowing that they are well and healthy. I want to think that things will improve and we’ll be able to see all of our friends again soon!

This time, we didn’t travel around. I didn’t even take my camera with me, as I knew that, between the restrictions and the scorching temperatures of Spanish summer, I wouldn’t go out too much to take photos. I also missed it! I think it’s the first summer in a long time that I didn’t take photos somewhere in Spain… It is such a weird summer in so many ways!

But, fortunately, I still have a few photos from last year’s Málaga trip. Last year I posted some photos from the day we spent in Costa del Sol, walking the beautiful streets of Frigiliana and Nerja. Our next stop in Málaga took us to the mountains in the interior of the province, to the beautiful town of Antequera and Sierra del Torcal, two places I was really looking forward to photograph!

The origins of Antequera, also known as the “heart of Andalusia” because of its central location among the main cities in the autonomous community, can be dated as far as the year 3000 BC, when its Dolmens (Bronze Age burial sites) were built. Since then, Romans, Muslims and, more than any other, Catholics have left an impressive cultural heritage in the city. Walking through the beautiful white streets of Antequera’s old town, you find numerous impressive churches and monasteries and, at the top of the hill that dominates the city, stands the beautiful Alcazaba (Muslim castle). But Antequera is not only famous for its arquitectural heritage, but also for the nearby El Torcal, a natural mountain reserve known for its unusual rock formations and its colony of Spanish Ibex (the smaller Spanish version of the Swiss Steinbock).

Here are some photos I took during our day in Antequera and El Torcal in a very hot summer day last year. I hope you like them!


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