I don’t know why, but when I go to Spain on holidays I don’t take many photos… Probably I’m just too busy having a good time with my family. However, I always carry my travel camera backpack with my camera, lenses, my laptop… it’s always a heavy backpack!!! But then, during the time I’m in Spain, the camera just ends up staying in the bag, waiting to be used… I don’t know how many trips I’ve done like this, and I’m not proud of it!! I remember that when I started my website last year I asked my friends what they thought about it. Some of them asked me the same question: “Why do you have a gallery for so many countries except Spain???”

Well, this summer has been different. We changed a bit our routine summer trip to Spain. Instead of going directly to La Antilla, in Huelva (Andalusia), we first visited my sister in law, who lives in Málaga. For a few days, we explored a bit the Costa del Sol and some small towns in the province of Málaga. And I loved it!!

The first day we went to two little towns in Costa del Sol. The first one was Frigiliana, a beautiful white village perched on the west side of the Sierras of Tejada, Almijara and Almaha Natural Park in La Axarquía region. Frigiliana, named “the most beautiful and well-preserved village” in Spain several times, is famous for its old quarter, made up of steep cobbled streets and alleys and beautiful white buildings in Mudéjar style (the architectural style used by Arab craftsmen on Christian territory after the Reconquista). We went just in time to see the city decorated with colorful garlands, as the village was celebrating the Three Cultures festival, the festival that celebrates the confluence of Christian, Jewish and Muslim cultures in the region.

After exploring the village during the scorching afternoon (and before it got crowded with all the evening visitors and tourists), we headed to Nerja, a coastal town 6 km south from Frigiliana. As any coastal town in Costa del Sol, we found flocks of tourists filling every street and square in the town. I found it a bit overwhelming, specially with the hot temperatures!! I didn’t take many photos in Nerja, except at the golden hour. We went to the Balcón de Europa, a viewpoint with beautiful views of the coast around Nerja, were I could find a place for my tripod and take a few shots of the last light of the day.

Here are some photos I took during that day. As always, I’ll be happy to read what do you think about them!

This post is dedicated to Marta. Thanks for the amazing days we spent in Málaga and for showing us all the beauty of your new home. Love you!!!


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