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Strasbourg, the Christmas city

There was a city that I had been wanting to visit during Christmas for years. Strasbourg! My parents went a few years ago and showed me some photos they took there… The lights, the facades… it was magical in the photos! I loved so much what I only saw in […]

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Pretty Amsterdam. Part II

My week in Amsterdam seemed a lot shorter than a week… So many things to see and such a short time! The second part of my week in the city started on Saturday. My brother is a triathlete and, as such, he has to train every day. So while he […]

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Pretty Amsterdam

A few days ago I visited Amsterdam for the first time. My brother has been living there with his girlfriend for some time and it was about time for me to visit them… now that I’m finally settled in Zurich, it’s the perfect time to start exploring other cities and […]

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