While March was a very busy month in terms of travels and photography, April has been pretty boring. The weather hasn’t been very great lately, so instead of piling up a lot of new photos, I’ve been slowly editing and publishing the ones I made in Lapland. Now that I’m done with that series (I’m already missing those pristine snowed landscapes…), it’s time to go back to the other trip I made at the beginning of spring, when I visited Paris. I already showed you a few photos I took during my first day ever in this beautiful city in this post.

On my second day in Paris I realized that there’s so much to see in this city that a long weekend is not even enough to start. Anyway, we woke up early and started our day in the very best way possible: we were walking when a delicious smell of cinnamon caught our attention. We entered in a very tiny bakery where bakers were making tray after tray of incredibly good cinnamon buns and pain au chocolat. After that, we went to Montmartre and, from there, we walked to the city centre again, exploring the different little streets and quartiers, going through beautiful covered passages (an early form of shopping arcade dating from the first half of the 19th century) until we arrived to the blooming gardens of Le Palais Royal and the always crowded Louvre Museum. After lunch, we climbed the towers of Notre Dame (I’ll publish another post with photos from this impressive Gothic cathedral and other Parisian churches) and then we walked until the Arc de Triomphe and again to the Eiffel tower for a few more night photos, and ended up at the Louvre Museum again to try to capture the iconic glass pyramids and the Louvre Palace with not so many people (which is almost mission impossible!!).

It was quite a long day and we walked too many kilometers, carrying camera, lenses and tripod… At the end of the day, we were completely exhausted!!! But now editing the photos and writing about that day, I have a big smile on my face… What an amazing day!! All the monuments and enchanting places we saw, all the great French food we ate that day (yes, I tried for the first time the escargots and, of course, I ate lots of macarons!!)… And I even got asked to photograph a couple that got engaged before the Eiffel tower… is there anything more Parisian than that???

Here are some of the photos I took that day. I hope you like them!


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