I missed last week’s post, I know. But there’s a good reason for that. March has been a busy month with a few trips within Switzerland and to other locations… I haven’t published anything but I’ve been very busy exploring new places and taking a lot of photos! It’s been a great month 🙂

The first of these trips was to Paris, the “city of light”. I’ve been dreaming with visiting this city for so long… And now I can say that it doesn’t disappoint!! I did a little research before arriving, but not too much. I already knew the most famous locations (the Eiffel tower, Notre-Dame, the Louvre museum…) and I knew two days and a half was too little time to try to find all the hidden gems. And I didn’t really mind. I prefer to visit the city without knowing too much about it and let it surprise me. And fortunately, it did!

Our tiny hotel was very close to the Île de la Cité, the city center of Paris. From there, we explored the other island of the Seine river, the Île Saint-Louis, the trendy Marais quartier, the Latin quartier, the Luxemburg gardens, the district of Saint Germain with its posh boutiques and beautiful churches, and we ended up in the Champs de Mars in front of the impressive Eiffel tower just in time to see the last colorful clouds after sunset.

We walked a lot during our first half day in Paris. And we had all kinds of weather that day. Rain, sun and blue skies, pink clouds at sunset, wind and cold… it was very cold! But I enjoyed seeing Paris under the rain, with its shiny pavement in contrast with its white beautiful buildings. And I enjoyed even more seeing the first flowers of spring blooming in the city and adding some more color!

Here are some of my first impressions from Paris! I hope you like them!


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