Dream now, travel later. That’s the slogan used by the Swiss tourism organization to promote Switzerland these quarantine days. I like the idea. My personal version of this sentence would be “dream now, hike later”. I’m so looking forward to the lockdown being lifted!! Last time I went hiking, everything was still frozen and covered in snow… Next time, everything will be green and blue. Cows will be grazing in the mountains while ringing their bells. Alpine flowers will be everywhere. Birds will be singing beautifully. And butterflies will be flying around us as we wander up in the mountains looking for pristine lakes and mighty summits… Doesn’t it look like a dream worth the wait?

And while we wait for these days to come, I plan new routes while remembering those we have already walked. The photos from this post are from one of those past ones. Almost two years ago!! After a magical and short winter hike in Talalpsee, I was hoping to visit this tiny lake in the Glarus Alps during another season. I already told you that seasons make a landscape change completely here in Switzerland. You can visit a place in summer and then go back in winter, only to find that the place looks completely different. I love that feeling of discovery every time I go hiking. And Talalpsee didn’t disappoint the second time I hiked there!

After a very steep hike from Filzbach through a beautiful forest, we arrived in the deep valley where Talalpsee is located. The lake had a gorgeous blue color and the shores were covered with wild flowers everywhere. We surrounded the lake while butterflies, busy bees and a few dragonflies were flying around us, making us feel as if we were walking in a dreamy landscape. We rested for a while by the lake, dipping our feet in the clean and cold water, before we continued our hike to Nüenalp, a nearby Käserei where we made a little stop to buy alpine cheese and yogurt. From there, we started our descent to the little town of Mollis, our final destination.

Here are some photos from that magical hike in the Glarner Alps. I hope they make you dream with all the future adventures that you will have when these strange days are over!


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