Another winter post? Well, I’m sure that’s what you have though when you saw the first photos of this post… But no, this is not another winter post! This is rather the first spring post of this year…

Spring begun officially the 20th of March… But it seemed to take a bit longer to arrive to Switzerland. That very first day of spring, it was snowing here in Zurich… And after that, the weather didn’t improve a lot… Even during Easter we had grey skies, some rain and cold temperatures… But that changed on Easter Monday!! Suddenly, temperature has risen, the sky has cleared and it looks like Spring has been here for some time already…

When I saw the forecast for Easter Monday I couldn’t believe it!! As the day was coming and the forecast wasn’t changing, I started to plan a trip for that day. The destination: Talalpsee, a little lake in a deep and small valley surrounded by high peaks. This little lake is at the other side of the mountains at the southern side of Walensee, another place I visited soon after I moved to Switzerland (and I showed you here) and not far from Zurich. The original plan was to hike from the small town of Filzbach to Talalpsee, and from there, make a little detour to a milk farm in the mountains before going taking the train in Näfels-Mollis.

As we started the ascension, the snow became more and more abundant until we ended up walking on a white trail between the forest… Before we arrived to Talalpsee, we saw the mountain restaurant, almost totally buried in snow. And then, the lake, white and frozen between all those huge mountains… It was quite a view!! After a while, we continued the hike to our next stop, a mountain restaurant in the middle of the route to the milk farm with views of Walensee and, in the distance, the lake of Zurich. There we got a bit disappointed, the path that leads to the farm wasn’t clean and we didn’t have snowshoes, so we couldn’t visit the farm (I really wanted to try their cheese and yogurts, hahaha)… we had a small lunch there and take the path back to Talalpsee and Filzbach.

I know, this still looks like another winter post. But it isn’t!! That day, the weather was amazing… It was warm and sunny…. But one of the things that I loved during this hike was the sounds and the light of the forest! The snow on the trees and pines was melting… The sound of the water dripping from the leaves and the branches and the birds singing were a beautiful melody. And the water drops on the trees filtered the sunlight in such a beautiful way!! It didn’t feel like a winter day, when everything looks asleep, still, waiting… It felt like nature was waking up after the long winter, alive and ready to bloom!!! So this is not a winter post, but my first spring post from the very first spring day in Switzerland this year 🙂

Here are some photos from this trip! I hope you like them!!

Walensee views from Filzbach. Canon EOS 5d Mark IV. 50mm f/13 1/250sec. ISO160
Walensee. Canon EOS 5d Mark IV. 50mm f/13 1/250sec. ISO200
Snowdrops in the forest. Canon EOS 5d Mark IV. 50mm f/1.8 1/4000sec. ISO200
Cabin in Filzbach. Canon EOS 5d Mark IV 50mm f/11 1/800 ISO200
Cabin with views. Canon EOS 5d Mark IV 50mm f/11 1/500sec. ISO200
Frozen Talalpsee. Canon EOS 5d Mark IV 50mm f/11 1/800sec. ISO200
Mountain restaurant in Talalpsee. Canon EOS 5d Mark IV 50mm f/11 1/500sec. ISO200
Early spring light in the forest. Canon EOS 1200d 250mm f/5.6 1/500sec. ISO100
Snow melting. Canon EOS 1200d 109mm f/5 1/2000sec. ISO100
Snow melting. Canon EOS 1200d 146mm f/5 1/200sec. ISO100
Views from Talalpsee. Canon EOS 1200d 70mm f/4.5 1/4000sec. ISO100

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