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Spring at home. Part II

It looks like things are slowly improving. Here in Switzerland, some businesses are starting to open and soon children will be back in school. But that doesn’t mean that things are back to normal. It will take some time before they are. So we are still doing the responsible thing, […]

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The lake of the butterflies

Dream now, travel later. That’s the slogan used by the Swiss tourism organization to promote Switzerland these quarantine days. I like the idea. My personal version of this sentence would be “dream now, hike later”. I’m so looking forward to the lockdown being lifted!! Last time I went hiking, everything […]

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Insel Mainau. Color therapy

Since I came back from Lapland, weather hasn’t been great… It seems that, since we burnt the Böögg in April, the clouds have decided to stay in Switzerland. Temperature hasn’t improved a lot, we are still wearing coats and scarfs in late May. And it’s been raining for weeks.. Or, […]

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