It looks like things are slowly improving. Here in Switzerland, some businesses are starting to open and soon children will be back in school. But that doesn’t mean that things are back to normal. It will take some time before they are. So we are still doing the responsible thing, staying at home, going out just for groceries or short walks near home.

So far, I’m enjoying this last part. It’s been three years since I moved to my little Swiss town. But with so many hike trips and travelling around, I didn’t explore my surroundings as much as I should have. That’s what I’ve been doing during this lockdown days. Since all this started, the landscape around me has changed so much! The first days of confinement were still brown and lifeless… But spring has come and sprung and after the first bloom, now everything is full of new colors everyday. Cherry blossoms may be gone, but new flowers grow everyday in the forest and the valley, and there’s now a beautiful yellow carpet of dandelions and rapeseed in the valley, red poppies are starting to open and peonies and roses are just about to start blooming… I feel so privileged for having so many trails in the nearby forest and between the farm fields where I can stretch my legs once in a while, enjoying the views of the ever changing flowers, the friendly cows and their new born calves of the farms near home.

So here is a second batch of photos I’ve been taking at home and around my little Swiss town during these last weeks!


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