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Griesslisee, the little glacier lake

It’s been more than two months since the last time I went to the mountains. At that time, landscapes were still white and pristine, lakes were frozen… Since then, spring has arrived, unusually dry and warm. The snow has melted almost everywhere and the green grass covers the idyllic Swiss […]

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The lake of the butterflies

Dream now, travel later. That’s the slogan used by the Swiss tourism organization to promote Switzerland these quarantine days. I like the idea. My personal version of this sentence would be “dream now, hike later”. I’m so looking forward to the lockdown being lifted!! Last time I went hiking, everything […]

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Golden Obersee

It’s been a bit over two and a half years since I moved to Switzerland. Since the very first moment, and every time the weather has allowed us, we’ve been busy exploring this great little country, mostly hiking and wandering in the beautiful Swiss Alps. It has been a delightful […]

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