It’s been a bit over two and a half years since I moved to Switzerland. Since the very first moment, and every time the weather has allowed us, we’ve been busy exploring this great little country, mostly hiking and wandering in the beautiful Swiss Alps. It has been a delightful time. I never thought I would enjoy the nature as much as I do now. If you ask me where I’d like to be, no matter when, I will always answer “the mountains”. I just love so much being in the middle of nowhere, far from everything except nature and the occasional alpine farm. It also has allowed me to know a bit more about this wonderful country and its most authentic traditions. But still, two years is not too much time and even if sometimes I feel I know this country well, I still find there’s so much more left to discover!

When autumn began this year, I was afraid I was going to miss its peak days. We did a little trip to Seville, Spain, in mid October, and I remember from the last two years, that those were exactly the most beautiful days of the season. Fortunately, we came back and found that there are still a lot of golden leaves on the trees… So we’re trying to squeeze this season to the maximum, hiking until the cold or the first heavy snow arrives, whatever happens first.

With those two premises in mind, last weekend we decided to go to a new place in a Canton that we already know. A friend told us about Obersee some time ago and after I saw his mobile photos, I knew I wanted to visit this place. Obersee is a little lake in the pre-Alps of Canton Glarus not far from Zurich. Just the road to the lake is a delight: a windy road that climbs from the valley of Glarus through a golden forest. It feels as if you were driving through Tolkien’s magical Lothlórien. The lake itself is utterly beautiful. Surrounded by forests of pines, birches and maple trees, magnificent mountains and alpine farms, what impressed me the most was how calm it looked: the water was still like a mirror, reflecting the beautiful colors of the trees and the dark sky above us. And, surprisingly, there were hardly any people around!! We chose an easy and short route that rewarded us with beautiful views of the lake and its valley from above, walking through the magical yellow and ocre forest of maple trees. At the end of the trail, we found a few scattered alpine farms, where the cows were still grazing in the last green grass of the year (I know I’ve said goodbye to the cows already two times… but I’m going to miss so much their bells in our winter hikes!!).

Here are some photos I took in Obersee. I hope you like them!

PD: I can’t believe it, but my blog turns 4 years this week… 4 years!!! I remember how excited and scared I was went I pressed the “publish” button of my first post… It’s been quite a journey and I’ve learnt lot about photography and blogging since that (very) shy first post. I want to thank all of you for being part of this blog every week!!


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