It’s getting more and more difficult to get out and take photos for me. Not only the current pandemic and the rising numbers of infections in Switzerland discourage me to go to the city centre of Zurich or other crowded places in the outdoors. But it’s getting difficult for me to get into my hiking clothes, and walking long distances leaves me exhausted, not to mention going up a steep trail… Yes, I’m pregnant! And, even if I wouldn’t like to admit it, it affects my photography… It’s been a few hard early months and now that I’m in the middle, the coronavirus and exhaustion leave me with few options: mostly easy hikes on flat terrain. But I don’t complain! Even if I don’t go out with the camera as much as I would like, specially during this magical season, Switzerland has options for everyone, and I can still find some easy routes to admire the colorful autumn 🙂

The route I am showing you in this post is one of those. An easy route encircling one of the most beautiful lakes near Zurich: the Klöntalersee in Canton Glarus. I’ve been there before taking photos, but that first time the views weren’t very spectacular… It was still spring, the water hadn’t completely defrosted, the lake wasn’t completely full of water and the trees were still brownish. Since that day I knew I wanted to come back to that lake on other seasons… And this year, autumn was the perfect time to revisit this beautiful spot. The colors were at their peak, the display of oranges and yellows contrasting with the recent snowed mountains were an awesome sight, specially in those moments when the water of the lake was so still that the reflection was like a mirror, and I didn’t even need a tripod or long exposures to do the trick. I had a wonderful time exploring the shores of the beautiful lake, walking through the enchanted golden forest. I even had the opportunity to try one of the features of my camera, the double exposure. What do you think about those more “artistic” photos?

Here are the photos I took during this hike. I hope you like them!


  1. Well firstly, big congratulations are in order! Fantastic news but morning sickness is the worst term because with me it lasted all day! I can see why you can’t hike up the high pastures at the moment!
    Secondly, the photos you posted are really spectacular as always. Having no real Autumn here makes me drool over photos such as these. I like the shot looking up through the trees and the winding road. The tenth photo – I had to count that looks like it would suit the photo for a jigsaw puzzle. Switzerland often features on jigsaws here.
    Finally, I think the double exposures work rather well. What fun playing around with that feature.
    Stay well, Mercedes.

    • mercedescatalan

      Thanks a million, Amanda!! I’m over the moon with happiness, but I admit I miss the mountains and going outdoors with the camera… Even if I am feeling better now (don’t tell me about the morning sickness… for me it’s been also “all day sickness” and I still have it in the evenings!), it’s getting harder and harder to carry a huge belly, a huge winter coat and a big heavy camera and lens, hehehe. Funny thing, my husband is already asking me when I think it would be appropriate to start hiking with the little one, hahaha.
      I loved this hike. It’s been a gorgeous autumn here in Switzerland and I can’t think on a better place to capture its magic than in a lake with reflections! So happy you like how I captured it!! That day was just perfect for taking photos and even play a bit with the hidden features of my camera:) It was fun to try the double exposure! I wonder now how can I use it more!!
      Stay safe and healthy, Amanda!

  2. Welcome back and congratulations! I’ve been missing you and I’m so glad you’re okay. Enjoy your pregnancy now that the first trimester is over. Your images are spectacular. Yes, no need for a tripod and long exposure on this glassy lake. The double exposure worked really well. Some of the photographers here have tried that with camera shake, but I think your double exposure is better. Yesterday I tried bracketing with the Fuji and it was amazingly fast. I think I can easily click off three brackets handheld. Stay safe and healthy!

    • mercedescatalan

      Thanks a million, Anne!! I’m so so happy! 2020 has definitely improved a lot for us in the end, hehehe Not sure if this is a come back, as I don’t go out with the camera often these days, but I was missing photography and blogging so much!! And, of course, reading your blog! I just seem to be unable to find time these crazy days, hehehe I’ll try to catch up with your blog these days!
      I remember I tried once double exposure with Photoshop and the result was catastrophic… But with the camera is super easy and fun! I may start doing these things more often! Hehehe. Same with bracketing directly with the camera. How easy it is, right? It’s one of the things I love from my camera too!
      I hope you are too safe and healthy, Anne! Bug hug from Switzerland! 🙂

  3. Thanks for the hug! We not only have the pandemic to contend with but also a lame duck president who’s doing great damage to our country. I can’t wait for this to be over, to see more of your calming pictures and to hear that you have a healthy baby!

    • mercedescatalan

      You’re welcome! At least we can still send virtual hugs… (I can’t wait for the times when we can travel and hug our families again!!).
      We’ve been following the US elections here in Switzerland. I hope it ends soon and the new president can fix all the problems that you have now in the US! Even if we don’t know all of it, it seems he’ll have a lot of work to do from the very first day!
      I hope I can go out soon again and take more photos! But with the virus and the growing belly, it’s going to be difficult to go up in the mountain this winter (and I’m going to miss snow and white landscapes so much!!!). I’ll try!
      Take care and stay healthy, Anne!!

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