It’s getting more and more difficult to get out and take photos for me. Not only the current pandemic and the rising numbers of infections in Switzerland discourage me to go to the city centre of Zurich or other crowded places in the outdoors. But it’s getting difficult for me to get into my hiking clothes, and walking long distances leaves me exhausted, not to mention going up a steep trail… Yes, I’m pregnant! And, even if I wouldn’t like to admit it, it affects my photography… It’s been a few hard early months and now that I’m in the middle, the coronavirus and exhaustion leave me with few options: mostly easy hikes on flat terrain. But I don’t complain! Even if I don’t go out with the camera as much as I would like, specially during this magical season, Switzerland has options for everyone, and I can still find some easy routes to admire the colorful autumn 🙂

The route I am showing you in this post is one of those. An easy route encircling one of the most beautiful lakes near Zurich: the Klöntalersee in Canton Glarus. I’ve been there before taking photos, but that first time the views weren’t very spectacular… It was still spring, the water hadn’t completely defrosted, the lake wasn’t completely full of water and the trees were still brownish. Since that day I knew I wanted to come back to that lake on other seasons… And this year, autumn was the perfect time to revisit this beautiful spot. The colors were at their peak, the display of oranges and yellows contrasting with the recent snowed mountains were an awesome sight, specially in those moments when the water of the lake was so still that the reflection was like a mirror, and I didn’t even need a tripod or long exposures to do the trick. I had a wonderful time exploring the shores of the beautiful lake, walking through the enchanted golden forest. I even had the opportunity to try one of the features of my camera, the double exposure. What do you think about those more “artistic” photos?

Here are the photos I took during this hike. I hope you like them!


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