These last few weeks we’ve had family and friends visiting us in Zurich, eager to experience the Swiss Christmas. And, among other things, we took our visitors around Zurich to see the different Christmas Markets. It has been a beautiful Advent time to explore the different stalls selling handicrafts and typical Swiss Christmas sweets and decorations, and to drink Glühwein and Glühmost (yes, this year I’ve discovered the non-alcoholic version of Glühwein and I loved it!!!) while enjoying the Christmas lights and Christmas carols… All of this with the beautiful background of the pretty streets of the Swiss cities. I think I haven’t enjoyed the Christmas season as much as I have this year! Mostly because I’ve had to chance to learn what Christmas markets are like in Europe: they are the place to meet with your loved ones, family and friends, and enjoy with them these little things during the cold and dark winter nights… I can’t think of a better plan!! 🙂

At the moment I’m back in Spain, ready to enjoy the holidays with my family and friends. Here the Christmas atmosphere is different than what you experience in Switzerland, but they’re also beautiful days and I plan to make every moment count 🙂 So I’m planning to take also a few days off the blog! Two well deserved weeks of vacation, so I can come back with a lot of more photos from beautiful places!

But before that, here are some photos I’ve taken during these Advent weeks in Zurich. I tried to make something different from last year, exploring new streets and new ways to edit the photos… I even had the opportunity to try a new lens, the awesome Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L!! Such an amazing lens, so wide and sharp! I had a great time wandering in Zurich trying new Christmas compositions with this lens and the new camera!

And now, I wish you all a wonderful Christmas time with your loved ones!! And, of course, a very happy 2019!! See you next year!! 🙂



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