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Strasbourg, the Christmas city

There was a city that I had been wanting to visit during Christmas for years. Strasbourg! My parents went a few years ago and showed me some photos they took there… The lights, the facades… it was magical in the photos! I loved so much what I only saw in […]

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Alpabfahrt, the Swiss end of Summer

If there is a Swiss tradition that I was looking forward to seeing that is the Alpabfarht. What is the Alpabfarht? The Alpabfarht (from German, means the drive from the mountain pastures) takes place when the farmers take their cows (or goats or sheep) back to their sheds after they […]

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Sechseläuten, Zurich spring fest

The city of Zurich celebrated the Sechseläuten this past Monday. It is a traditional spring festival with medieval roots. The celebrations consist of a big parade in the city centre, where the Zünfte, or traditional guilds of Zurich, take part and the burning of the Böögg, a snowman that represents the […]

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