In my last post I complained about the weather we’re having this summer in Switzerland. Well, a few weeks later, it hasn’t improved much. It is still too hot! Even if we had a couple of storms lately, it has’t rained enough to cool the temperature enough… So this endless heat wave is still with us. And that makes me want to spend every possible moment high in the mountains, where it is sunny but at least the temperature is a little more bearable. And I’m already counting the days to our trip to Engadin… I am so looking forward to it!

And in the meantime, I continue to edit the photos from last year summer trip… With this heat, watching some snow helps me to cool down a bit, hehehe. In my lasts posts, I took you to three different hikes in Engadin: the beautiful lake Cavloc, near the Maloja mountain pass; the hike to the Morteratsch glacier in Pontresina; and the Wasserweg Furtschellas. Our fourth and last day in Engadin was a busy one. In the morning, we took it easy and went to Piz Corvatsch, a cable car station and restaurant at 3303m above the sea, with impressive views of the Engadin valley and the lakes Sils and Silvaplana and the nearby glaciers and summits: Piz Bernina (with 4048m above the sea, the highest peak in Graubünden), Piz Corvatsch (3451m) and Piz Murtel (3433m). But before we took the cable car, we made a little stop in our way to admire the calm waters of lake Sils.

Here are some of the photos I took that morning (I reserve the rest from that day for another post!). I hope you like them!

PD: I have wonderful news!!! The last issue of the travel magazine Lodestars Anthology has been released! Totally dedicated to Spain, it has some of my photos from the province of Málaga, as well as an article I’ve written with photos I took last year in Lanzarote (and I haven’t published yet anywhere!). If you want to grab a copy, you can find it here:

Lodestars Anthology. Issue 16. Spain

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