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Hike to Steingletscher

I write this post from Spain. I’ve been here already for a few weeks, enjoying my time with family and friends. The weather is warm, the days are still long… I’ve been at the beach, I’ve explored a few new places and I’m having a great time just relaxing at […]

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The Gauli Glacier

One of the best things of Swiss summer is the opportunity to see glaciers. During winter and spring, glaciers and the area around them are covered in thick snow and it’s not easy to appreciate them: you can only see white shapes, not much else, in case you’re lucky enough […]

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The trail to Gaulihütte

Last summer was all about discovering iconic places in Switzerland. We hiked three days in Zermatt, with the Matterhorn always in sight. We discovered the most beautiful places in Alpstein. We saw the Great Alescht Glacier and walked inside the carved ice cave inside the Rhône Glacier… All of these […]

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