It feels it has been ages since the last time I went outdoors, I took photos, I edited them, I wrote a post and published it… It doesn’t mean that I’ve been idle! So much has happened since then and my life has changed a lot! I stopped going to the mountains in autumn when I couldn’t fit in my winter clothes anymore… and I stopped taking photos when my camera started to feel heavy and uncomfortable against my growing belly. I have to confess, it’s been a boring winter at home. Even more if you add the weird times we are living in. During these last months I was a bit afraid of going out and share small places with other people (like mountain trains or cable cars… or even the bus to the city!) while I was pregnant. I didn’t want to get sick with coronavirus or any other thing! So we spent the whole pregnancy at home in Zurich. We didn’t even go to Spain for Christmas. It has been a strange year so far…

But, as I said, a lot has changed! Now I am a mum of a beautiful baby boy. Since he was born four months ago, I’ve been happily busy taking care of him… And taking thousands of photos of him when he lets me (mostly when he sleeps or naps, hehehe). And we are slowly returning to our old habits. And that, of course, means hiking… and photographing! It is a slow come back, as I am still not feeling as fit as I was one year ago… And now the most challenging part of planning a hike is finding trails and paths where we can drive the baby stroller, hehehe. Luckily, Switzerland has trails for everyone and every level, so we have already found a few easy hikes with beautiful views!

I took the photos from this post a few days ago. It’s being a very rainy summer in Switzerland so far. We can’t go to the mountains as often as we would like, so a cloudy day with no rain sounds like a perfect hiking day for us! It’s not too hot for a baby and I can take more dramatic photos with clouds and waves of fog coming and going than on a blue sky day. Win-win! That day we went to Rigi (1798m), in central Switzerland, in Canton Schwyz. I’ve already been in this mountain before, during early summer and winter and it’s always beautiful. This last time, it didn’t disappoint either! We did the panorama trail between the peaks Rigi Kulm and Rigi Scheidegg, a beautiful 8km hike with views of the Alps, lakes and green valleys in every direction. An easy hike to start stretching my legs and retake my camera after so long! And a beautiful one to remember as the first mountain hike of my baby boy 🙂

Here are some photos from that hike. I hope you like them!


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