A few weeks ago I went to the mountains with some friends. We chose Mt. Rigi, which is very close to Zurich and has a lot of winter hiking trails well maintained during all seasons (I have already shown you photos from Rigi here). When I was planning this trip, I imagined the view from Rigi Kulm (the top of the mountain): a sea of low clouds and the peaks of the Alps arising from it, like islands, a blue sky and a bright sun above…

Well, when we arrived to Lucerne, our first stop of the trip, the day was very gloomy. A dark sky covered the city, with low clouds and even lower temperature. We took the boat to Vitznau, our next stop, and the views were disappointing… well, actually, there wasn’t any view… And when we took the mountain train to Rigi Kulm, the sight wasn’t much better. We traveled through a white and dense fog to the top of the mountain. From there we started to walk and, after a few kilometers in the dense fog, we descended a bit into the valley and we started to see what was actually around us: huge pines covered in recent snow, fresh powder snow on the ground, ice formations everywhere… a winter wonderland!!!

This was also an exciting day for me! I was using for the first time my new camera…. Yes!! I have a new camera! After three years with my little Canon EOS 1200d, now I am a proud owner of a Canon EOS 5d Mark IV. Well, this is a huge step! From the smallest and humblest DSLR from Canon to one of the biggest models!! Now I feel that I have to learn a lot of things (I didn’t realize how simple my 1200d is!!!), try new features… it’s like if a new world of possibilities had just opened in front of me! So from now on, you’ll see my improvements with the two cameras, the simple one and the pro one!

And I have more news! Encouraged by some friends, I decided recently to try to sell some of my photos. You can find them here. For now I just posted a few photos, but I’ll add more in the future. If you have liked any photo from a previous post and you don’t find it in this website, just write me and I’ll make it available! I’m really nervous and excited about the idea of selling my work! Let’s see how it goes!

Here are a few photos I took that white day in Rigi!! I hope you like them!

Canon EOS 5d Mark IV 50mm f/3.5 1/800sec. ISO125
Canon EOS 5d Mark IV 50mm f/11 1/320sec. ISO125
Canon EOS 5d Mark IV 50mm f/11 1/250sec. ISO125
Canon EOS 5d Mark IV 50mm 1/60sec. ISO125
Canon EOS 5d Mark IV 50mm f/11 1/160sec. ISO125
Canon EOS 5d Mark IV 50mm f/11 1/320sec. ISO125
Canon EOS 1200d 84mm f/5.6 1/200sec. ISO100


Weekly Photo Challenge


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  2. Congrats on the new camera…I felt the same way when I upgraded a little over 5 years ago. These images are striking. I find the mysterious misty shroud over the snow covered trees captured in #2 very appealing. The subtle shades of white–from the sky above to the drifts in the foreground path–makes the image of the two figures dwarfed by majestic pines another favorite of this series.

    • Thanks a million for your comment!!! I have to confess that, when the mountain train started ascending and the fog completely surrounded it I though I wouldnt be able to take any photo… What a first day to take out the new camera!!! But then, as I walked, I started to see “something”…. it was pure magic and I had a really fun time with these first shots with the new camera!! It’s been a few weeks, but I have still so many new features to learn!! hehehe It is a huge improvement from the previous camera!
      And thanks for the feedback on the photos! I took the #2 not long before I started the hike, when the fog was still very heavy….. I never took photos before with this fog/snow combination and this image caught my eye, it was so mysterious and beautiful at that time!! And with the other one I took advantage of these other hikers… they are my “scale” to show how tall the pines are there! hehehe I don’t really like to include people in my photos, but here I think they had a purpose 🙂

  3. Mercedes, congratulations on your decision to sell your images. You’re a great photographer already and the new camera will help you create awesome pictures like these in this post.

    • Thanks a million Anne!!!!! It was something I was thinking about for a long time… and so many people encouraged me!!! But I’m still not completely sure if I’m going to maintain the “shop” for a long time, hahaha Let’s see how it goes in the next months! 🙂
      And the new camera…. It was a complete surprise!! I’ve been wanting an upgrade for sometime… the small 1200d it’s a great camera to learn the basics, but it got me very frustrated sometimes, specially in low light or when I wanted to photograph animals…. it is very slow!!! Now I’m eager to see how the new one works with animals!!! For now, I’m super impressed with all the details and all the colours the new one gets with the 50mm!!! Huge difference with the small camera!

      • Since I shoot Nikon, I truly don’t know which camera you got. A guy I shoot with has a full-frame Canon camera and recently bought a terrific lens (200 – 400 mm with an extender), and he takes amazing pictures. He mostly shoots wildlife. I’ve checked into getting a full frame, but I’m concerned, at almost 75,whether I can carry it for long periods of time. The lenses, especially, are heavy. I have a few, and feel it. It’s wonderful that you are doing this while you are able to, and I know your images will sell.

      • I think the equivalent model would be Nikon d850, or that’s what a quick google search says, hahaha I don’t have any idea about Nikon models, I’m loyal to Canon 😛 But yes, the new camera is a full frame, and so much better than my first Canon!
        But I’m afraid about the weight too!! For now I’m just shooting with my 50mm and this lens is super light… I’ve been looking for a proper lens for the new camera (all my other lenses are for APS sensor and I can’t use them with the new camera), and all of them are super heavy!!!! I think the days of trips with the bag, camera and 4 lenses are over for me, hahaha it will be 1 lens, 1 camera and that’s all!! Apart from that, I’m super happy with the new acquisition… the qualitiy of the photos is way better, I didn’t know i could get images so sharp with my humble 50mm!!!
        And about selling my photos… well, let’s see in the future, hahaha! But I don’t lose anything for trying! 🙂

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  5. Good luck – you definitely should sell your amazing photos!! 😊

  6. Beautiful 😊

  7. Breathtaking! love these pictures,,,,

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