The Isle of Skye is the largest island of the Inner Hebrides in Scotland. It is one of the most stunning places in the Scottish Highlands: old volcanoes and mountains, beautiful beaches with turquoise waters and white sand, green valleys, huge cliffs, waterfalls… No wonder why Skye is one of the gems of the Highlands and why so many people visit it, even if the weather is not the best in Scotland (Skye means “misty/cloudy isle” in Norse).
When I started to plan my trip to Scotland, Skye became one of the highlights of the trip. I read about the gorgeous scenery, the rich wildlife of the isle, I saw thousands of photographs and I immediately felt attracted to this place. Once there, Skye didn’t disappoint me one bit, not even when the weather changed and it started to be cloudy and cold and the rain came.
But I’m getting ahead of myself. We traveled to Skye from Fort William, taking a ferry in Mallaig. Along the way we stopped to see the Glenfinnan monument, now famous thanks to the Harry Potter movies, and the coast of Arisaig. Once in Skye, we spent our first day in the isle exploring the southern coast, from Armadale to Neist Point, where we enjoyed a beautiful sunset. A long day full of impressive landscapes to photograph. I hope you like the result!

Glenfinnan monument. Canon EOS 1200D 17mm f/11 1/60sec. ISO 100
Loch Shiel. Canon EOS 1200D 10mm f/11 1/100sec. ISO 100
Portnaluchaig beach. Canon EOS 1200D 10mm f/11 1/100sec. ISO 100
Cuillin from Elgol port. Canon EOS 1200D 12mm f/11 1/100sec. ISO 100
Road to Bla Bheinn. Canon EOS 1200D 17mm f/11 1/80sec. ISO 100 (2 photos)
Sligachan old bridge. Canon EOS 1200D 14mm f/11 30sec. ISO 100 ND1024
Allt Dearg Mor. Canon EOS 1200D 13mm f/11 1/80sec. ISO 100
Glen Brittle. Canon EOS 1200D 10mm f/11 1/200sec. ISO 100
Fairy Pools. Canon EOS 1200D 18mm f/22 30sec. ISO 100 ND8
Fairy Pools. Canon EOS 1200D 21mm f/22 13sec. ISO 100 ND8
Loch Pooltiel. Canon EOS 1200D 39mm f/11 1/320sec. ISO 100
Neist Point cliffs. Canon EOS 1200D 20mm f/11 1/60sec. ISO 100
Neist Point Lighthouse. Canon EOS 1200D 18mm f/7.1 30sec. ISO 100 ND1024
Neist Point Lighthouse. Canon EOS 1200D 40mm f/7.1 30sec. ISO 100 ND1024
Golden hour at Neist Point. Canon EOS 1200D 55mm f/22 1/100sec. ISO 100
Cottongrass. Canon EOS 1200D 55mm f/4 1/500sec. ISO 100



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