Last year we tried to do one of the hikes with best views in Switzerland: the ridgeline hike in Stoos (you can see the photos from that day here). But poor planing and a bad choice of date made the hike a little bit of an odyssey. We went in spring, during those weeks “between seasons”, when most of the cable cars and mountain trains are closed before the summer or, better said, the hiking season starts. The weather was really nice and warm that day, but there was still a lot of snow in the mountains. What is worse, it wasn’t really snow, but that horrible slush that makes it hard to walk, specially up hill. We wore winter clothes and boots, but we felt we weren’t prepared for that hike. Too much snow made the first part of the hike difficult and long: the one hour ascension became a three hours hike, and when we reached the top of the first peak of the ridge, Fronalpstock, the path had disappeared under the snow and we couldn’t continue hiking along the ridge. I felt really frustrated, as if the mountain had beaten me. “Fronalpstock 1-Mer 0”. I feel really frustrated when I can’t complete a route, specially if the only reason is bad planning.

But there was a positive side of that day. The sights we got from the top of the mountain were amazing: the panoramic view of the Vierwaldstättersee (lake Lucerne) with the Alps in the background are incredibly beautiful!!

After that first hike in Stoos, I waited. Months went by with lots of summer hikes in beautiful places. But Stoos continued in my mind. Even if I completed more difficult routes, that frustration didn’t leave me. So we waited until autumn and we tried again. The day in Stoos was clear and warm and we reached the top of Fronalpstock without too much effort, amazed again by the stunning views we found in our way. But when we reached the top, alerts started to arrive in our phones: red alert for strong winds in the area. Suddenly, strong winds started to blow, howling horribly loudly and making it difficult to walk along the ridge. We discussed if it was worth it to continue with these conditions. And I felt the frustration building up again inside me. It was going to be “Fronalpstock 2- Mer 0”? But we decided to complete the hike, even if the horrible sound of the wind and the strong gusts accompanied us while we walked along the golden ridge. Eventually, we made it to Klingenstock, the peak at the end of the ridge, and we went down to Stoos more easily, sheltered from the wind by the mountains we left behind. And at the end of the day, feeling tired and proud, I finally crossed the ridgeline hike in Stoos from my list of hikes.

Here are some photos I took that day. There are not so many as usual, as that time I was really focused on maintaining the balance against the strong gusts of wind at the ridge… I hope you like them!


  1. I can understand your frustration. I had been to Yosemite before, but the first time I went to take pictures, not a cloud in the sky! I was supposed to go this past weekend, but a fire nearby had Yosemite smoked out! I’m glad you decided to push on and take these wonderful images.

    • mercedescatalan

      Thanks a mil, Anne!! So happy you like the photos!! I wasn’t sure about publishing them, the hike was hard and I though they weren’t good at all… I guess after a year I can look at them with different eyes, hehehe. Now they bring me memories of a little victory! 🙂
      But yes, there are times that it feels like everything collude to spoil a place for you: wind, clouds, rain, snow… I know that planning and expect that everything works in your way it’s usually difficult if not impossible… but some places are jinxed!! I hate this feeling… I know my limits, but when an “easy” place beats me, it frustrates me a lot!! Hehehe. I just can’t wait to give it a second time and win 🙂
      Hope you can visit Yosemite soon (with the perfect conditions)!! I’d love to see your photos from there!

  2. A truly spectacular view! I’m glad that you didn’t give up. The view is definitely worth the hard work 🙂

    • mercedescatalan

      Thanks a mil, Len!! This hike is really beautiful… but I think it’s jinxed for me!! There’s always something that makes it really difficult, when it shouldn’t!! I may sound a bit stubborn in the post, but the think that upset me was that the hike is even for kids, hahaha I wouldn’t be so stubborn with one that I know is out of my league. I hope next time the weather behaves better and I can take better photos of this route, because it’s really stunning!

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