Against the prediction of the Böögg (this year the snowman’s head exploted after 17min and 44sec… not a very good forecast!), this summer is being hot in Switzerland. There had already two heat waves, when temperatures have reached 36ºC in Zurich. That is hot, very hot… scorching! There’s been also a few sporadic rainy days, of course. Summer is a beautiful season in Zurich but, after the heat waves, I need fresh air and cooler temperatures and the only place where I find them is in the mountains.

A few days ago we were in the middle of one of those heat waves. We decided to take our backpacks and hiking poles and head to one of my favorite mountain regions in Switzerland: Alpstein (you can see the map with the summer hiking routes clicking on the link). I’ve been there a few times already and it never disappoints. Its rugged and capricious peaks and rock formations are an spectacle for the eyes, specially when there are clouds in the sky and the sun light comes and goes, creating a beautiful palette of different greens and grays in the landscape. And there are so many hiking routes in Alpstein that it’s difficult to get bored! There are always new routes, new sights, new perspectives waiting to be discovered!

This time we decided to do something challenging, hiking from one valley to the other through the mountain pass Bogartenlücke (1710m), where we enjoyed a different perspective of the famous Saxer Lücke. After reaching the valley, we hiked up again to Meglisalp (including a shot break at Widderalp, an alpine farm with cows and goats, where we enjoyed one of the best yogurts I’ve ever tasted!). In our way, we saw Swiss cows and Saanen goats and a herd of a wild animals that had eluded me for two years: Ibex!! I finally saw Ibex, the king of the Swiss Alps! 🙂 I took there a few photos and then we descended to Meglisalp, a Berggasthaus surrounded by alpine meadows where cows and goats graze during the summer. From there, we descended to Seealpsee and then to Wasserauen. But just before we jumped on our car and drove home, we saw a young red deer staring at us from the forest… What a beautiful last sight to end a hiking day!

It was an exhausting day. Almost 20km, an ascension of 1400m and about 9 hours walking… Even if it was a hotter day than what I would have liked for a hike, it was also a beautiful day full of great views! Now I’m looking forward to our next adventure in Alpstein!

Here are some photos I took that day. I hope you like them!


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