When I took these photos, I though it would be nice to wait for another day with the same conditions to publish them. Well, I missed the opportunity. We had snow this winter, but it quickly disappeared and now everything is beginning to bloom. Everyday during my walks I see a lot of snowdrops and crocuses everywhere. Everything is turning green again. And I don’t complain. I love spring and its flowers and milder temperatures. I love the feeling of wearing lighter clothes and shoes. I love to see new life everywhere! But I feel I am publishing these photos a bit too late, and I don’t want to wait a year!!

I took these photos a few days after we came back from our Christmas holidays. The forecast promised a snowy day and I was eager to capture Zurich under a white blanket. I tried before, but every time I went to the city, the snow had become rain, or stopped falling and it was already melting… This time was different. I went to Zurich early in the morning and the snow was falling very heavily in the city. I felt so happy!! I decided to take photos in some of my favorite parts of the city, including the east shore of the lake. And then, back to the city center. It was impressive! During the whole morning (the time I managed to be taking photos without freezing my fingers and getting the camera soaked) the snow continued to fall and I saw Zurich as I never saw the city before. I felt like I was walking in a beautiful winter postcard all the time!

Here are some photos of this magical day in the city! There are quite a few, as I tried to make a little reportage of that beautiful day in Zurich. Scroll down to see all the photos! I hope you like them!

PD: I’m happy to announce that some of the photos from this post and other of my previous photos of winter in Zurich have been published as a gallery in Lodestars Anthology’s website! It’s a great honor to have my work in one of the prettiest travel magazines I know! You can find the gallery in this link:

Lodestars Anthology – Winter Wonderland

And now, the photos 🙂


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