Winter. Before we moved to Switzerland, this season always meant staying at home on weekends… Coffee, blanket and good movies. Ok, it sounds like a great plan for these cold and dark days. But after we arrived in Switzerland we changed our routines. Now, weekends mean mountains. And winter doesn’t stop us! After Christmas, I’m finally feeling that we’re settling again in our new routine. I spend the week thinking on new destinations for our hikes, checking the weather forecast and looking for a valley where the sun is shinning. And when the weekend arrives, nothing feels better than leaving the cozy and warm home for a few hours of hiking in the snow…

These last weekends have been busy. I went back to Flims, in canton Graubunden. I hiked again in the snow covered area of Cauma and Cresta lakes… it was such a beautiful day!!! But when I took my camera to start taking photos, I realized that I had forgotten my SD card in my laptop, at home… Ok, lesson learnt! It was the first time this happened to me in 4 years, but I promise myself it will never happen again!!!!

Fortunately, last weekend we went to the mountains again. And I chose a new place, one that we didn’t explore yet. We visited Arnisee, a little alpine lake in canton Uri. We just bought snowshoes and there are a few snowshoe trails around the lake, so it was the perfect place to use them for the first time. We left a rainy Zurich and an hour later we arrived to a sunny deep valley in the Alps. We took the cable car in the valley and, after a very steep ascension, we arrived to Arnisee. We found a beautiful little lake almost frozen, surrounded by a forest and majestic mountains and scattered little cabins covered in snow. The views were incredible! And we could enjoy it all almost by ourselves. As there are no ski slopes in Arnisee, the area was very quiet and only a few people were snowshoeing like us. We spent a fantastic sunny day walking with our new snowshoes, until the fog started to ascend from the valley and we decided it was time to go home.

Here are some photos I took that day in Arnisee. I don’t know if you noticed it last week, but I have started to include a few close-ups of the mountains recently, here in this post too… I have a new telephoto lens for my camera!! After trying a few options during the last months, I finally chose the Canon 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6. It’s heavy and it’s huge, but the sharpness and focal range of this lens is impressive! I’m super happy with it and I hope I can take beautiful close-ups of mountains, vegetation and, hopefully, wildlife with it!! Let me know what you think about these photos!

PD: I have more news! I recently wrote another article that has been published in the digital travel magazine Stade Magazine!!!! It’s a short article and some of my photos from Lauterbrunnen. Here’s the link to the article: Stade Magazine – A Day at a Time


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