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Griesslisee, the little glacier lake

It’s been more than two months since the last time I went to the mountains. At that time, landscapes were still white and pristine, lakes were frozen… Since then, spring has arrived, unusually dry and warm. The snow has melted almost everywhere and the green grass covers the idyllic Swiss […]

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Bye, beautiful Swiss winter!

A few days ago, the Swiss government decreed a lock down in Switzerland. As coronavirus is spreading quickly, shops, restaurants, schools and everything that is not essential is closed until April 19th at least. It includes, of course, ski resorts and mountain trains and cable cars. Suddenly, winter is over. […]

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Winter. Before we moved to Switzerland, this season always meant staying at home on weekends… Coffee, blanket and good movies. Ok, it sounds like a great plan for these cold and dark days. But after we arrived in Switzerland we changed our routines. Now, weekends mean mountains. And winter doesn’t […]

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