Last week I didn’t publish any post, but there was a good reason! I traveled to Dublin and spent the whole week there.

It’s been almost two years since I moved from Dublin to Zurich. I was so looking forward to visiting the city again! Even if my years in Ireland weren’t the easiest for me, I have a lot of good memories of Dublin. The city is very special to me! This is the place where I started my photography journey. I was taking photos before Ireland with my mobile and small cameras, but it was in Dublin where I got my first DSLR and I began to read, learn and practice. It was probably because I wanted to find the beautiful side of a city that, before having the camera, was very grey for me… And I think I did! It really helped me to endure the long rainy days. And not only that! I also met fantastic people in Dublin. A lot of talented photographers that inspired me (and they still do!).

So, there I was! I’ve been following some of the changes in the city during these past two years (mostly thanks to Instagram and the photographers I met in Dublin), so I knew that the city wasn’t going to be the same. I have to say that it was a weird feeling being there again. It’s not the same living in a place than visiting it as a tourist. I think I forgot a lot of the things that I didn’t like from there and it was a bit shocking to remember them (I’m talking about the rain, of course). But it was also so nice to walk around the city and remember all the small good things I experienced there (“here I took a photo of a squirrel”, “here is that house with the beautiful flowers”, “here we came to celebrate an anniversary”, or “and here is where snowdrops bloom first”….). I think I also forgot one thing: there’s no winter in Ireland! It is cold and rainy and dark, but there’re always color and flowers around… I went to Dublin just when their spring is beginning and new flowers are blooming all around. That was an awesome experience, as I will have to wait a few months before I see this explosion of color in Switzerland!!

As I said above, I spent a whole week just wandering around, taking photos of places that I loved when I lived in Dublin, going to new cafes and restaurants, seeing how the city has changed in such a short time, and, of course, meeting with old dear friends!

Here are some photos I took during these days, mostly around the city center. I hope you like them!

This post is dedicated to Blanca, a.k.a. @red_lullaby. Because she’s my favorite person in Ireland, a great photographer, an even greater friend, an endless source of inspiration and support… and she always knows the best coffees and hidden gems in town!! Thanks for an amazing week in Dublin!! Love you!


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