The other day I went for a walk in Uetliberg. I’ve already told you about this place, the very own mountain of Zurich (in winter and autumn). It’s so close to my apartment that sometimes I feel it’s like my huge garden. This is the place to go when you need to disconnect from the city life or just when you don’t have a plan and you just want to wander…

This time, the weather couldn’t be more wintry. There wasn’t snow (it had snowed not so long ago, but the rain had melted all the snow), but it was very cold and foggy. It was a bit dark and the fog created a mysterious and phantasmagorical atmosphere. It was so cold that all the high branches of the trees were covered in white frost, which made the view even spookier. But it was a beautiful sight with all these unsaturated grey and orange tones of the forest.

Here are some photos I took that day. I hope you like them!

Canon EOS1200D 35mm f/11 1/100sec. ISO400
Canon EOS1200D 27mm f/11 1/100sec. ISO400
Canon EOS1200D 49mm f/11 1/100sec. ISO400
Canon EOS1200D 46mm f/11 1/320sec. ISO400
Canon EOS1200D 25mm f/11 1/200sec. ISO400
Canon EOS1200D 18mm f/11 1/60sec. ISO400


Weekly Photo Challenge


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