A few days ago was our wedding anniversary, and it has already become a tradition to make a trip to celebrate it. And I love it! A long weekend far from home, exploring a new place, eating great food and relaxing… Is there any better way to celebrate great occasions? Last year we went to Zermatt, where we spent a long weekend hiking and relaxing in our hotel’s spa… They were amazing days (you can see the photos from that trip here, here and here). This year, we wanted to do something as special as last year. It was difficult to find a place as special as Zermatt and the mighty Matterhorn, but finally we did it: Vals!

Vals is a remote valley and town in the mountainous canton Graubünden (also known as canton of Grisons), in the region of Surselva. I think it can be considered a hidden gem. Even if it has a few ski slopes, the valley is mostly known for its mineral water (Valser mineral water) and its impressive thermal baths (a gorgeous architectonic masterpiece, you can have a look here as, unfortunately, photos inside the thermal baths are not allowed), which attracts almost all of the tourists that visit Vals. Otherwise, we hardly found any other tourists there. I really loved the rural and quiet atmosphere of Vals.

We dedicated our first day in Vals to explore the area around Vals’ reservoir, Zervreilasee (1862m). I’m not as fit as I was a year ago and I didn’t want to get tired the first of three days of hiking, so we took it easy the first day. The landscape was gorgeous: blue skies, shades of deep green covering the slopes of the surrounding mountains, the grey peaks with patches of snow shining under the sun, the sound of the cow bells accompanying us during our walk and thousands of small butterflies flying around us… But the weather in the mountain changes fast, and clouds covered the sky and it started to drizzle, adding a bit of drama to the landscape. We came back to Vals and went to the 7132 therme to end the day in the most relaxing way: in a warm outdoor swimming pool with magnificent views of the Swiss Alps…

Here are some photos I took during our first day in Vals. It felt so good to be back in the mountains!!


  1. Now you must know Zermatt is a favorite destination of mine. I want to return there for my 60th birthday… in a few years. Congratulations on your anniversary. Vals sounds very special too.

    • mercedescatalan

      I didn’t know!! But I totally understand you! Zermatt is an incredible place! After our trip last year I told my husband that Zermatt would be my favorite place to retire, hehehe so many things to do there all year around!! Although, I found the town a bit too busy with tourists… That’s why I love Vals too!! Even if it has the incredible thermal baths, it has still this rural atmosphere that makes you feel far from everything! Life goes at another pace up there, everything looks simpler… After a few days in Vals I came back home truly rested and calmer! 🙂

      • That is the sign of a perfect holiday !!

        • mercedescatalan

          Too perfect! I want to book a few more days in winter, when everything is white and frozen… it must be a magical place!! And the though of the thermal baths with views of the white mountains… mmmm, a dream!! 🙂

          • Are the thermal baths at the hotels?

          • mercedescatalan

            Here in Switzerland there are a lot of hotels with small spa. It feels so nice to spend some time there after a day in the mountains!! Last year, our hotel in Zermatt had a small spa in the basement…
            And there are some areas with spring waters… Bad Ragaz or even Baden are famous for their thermal baths. Vals is also one of those places. The thermal baths in Vals are part of a huge luxury hotel (the 7132 hotel). We stayed in a little hotel in the old town which is also part of the 7132 hotel, so we got free access to the thermal baths every day. Aparently, the rest of the hotels in Vals have also limited access to the thermal baths or reduced prices. In any case, it was well worth a visit, because the thermal baths of Vals are also an architectural gem!!! Wellness and beautiful modern architecture in a gorgeous landscape after a hike…. I can’t think on a better way to spend a day! 🙂

          • I want to go there even more now.

          • mercedescatalan

            If you need help with the planning, give me a shout! Maybe I can recommend you some nice places to see around Switzerland 🙂

          • Oh that would be wonderful. I am very happy to take recommendations from someone that knows the areas to go. It will be in a couple of years though.

          • mercedescatalan

            Well, then I have more time to explore the country! It seems small, but it’s so full of magnificent places… And the best part is that every season is so different that most of the times you can visit a place twice and it feels always new! 🙂

  2. Que bonitaaaas

    • mercedescatalan

      Mil gracias por pasarte y comentar, Patito!!!! 🙂 Qué ilu que te hayan gustado las fotos!

  3. Happy Anniversary! How many years? These images are simply beautiful!!

    • mercedescatalan

      Thanks a lot, Anne!! We’ve been married for 6 years! Time flies!!
      The valley is impressive… I wasn’t sure about it, but once I started exploring it, I fell in love! Specially because we had it almost to ourselves! No tourists or other hikers, it was just us and the wild mountains around… it was amazing! 🙂

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