Time flies! Specially this last year. Since I moved to Switzerland, I haven’t really stopped doing things, visiting new places, travelling… And suddenly I realized that a year has gone like if it were a sigh…

This is what I was thinking last weekend while I was cleaning up my laptop’s harddrive. I saw the photos from my trip to New York last year and I realized that I haven’t posted all the photos I wanted! I haven’t even edited them… That’s the consequence of visiting so many beautiful places in Switzerland. Work accumulates and before you know it, a year has gone!

So today’s post is about my trip to New York last year. I already showed you some photos I took then (Part IPart II and Part III). As you can see in my previous posts, the weather during first days in New York was amazing. Sunny and warm, I felt really good in the city, exploring its neighborhoods and parks and enjoying the flowers blooming everywhere. Everything was so pretty! But then, the day before coming back to Zurich, the weather changed. The forecast was rain and when I looked through my hotel window, the sky was very dark. But it didn’t look that bad (hey, I lived in Dublin for three years!) and I decided to take the camera and continue exploring the city. It wasn’t long before it started to rain and, suddenly, the rain became one of the biggest downpour I’ve ever seen!! And the worst thing: it caught me in the 5th Ave., almost at Washington Square, where there is no metro nearby…. The water was falling very heavily, there was almost not a soul on the streets and I got totally soaked even if I was under my umbrella (when I say totally soaked I mean it!!! My hair, my camera bag, all my clothes… It was horrible! But at the same time, I loved what I saw… The streets almost empty, everything was shinny from the water… it was a totally different New York! So even if I felt like I just jumped in a fountain, I took some pictures… And I think they are some of my favorite from that trip!!

Later that day and with dry clothes, I went out again to the neighborhoods of Chinatown and Little Italy. I like those colorful and charismatic streets were you feel like you’re in a completely different city…

Well, here are some of the photos I took that stormy day! I hope you like them!

Flatiron Building. Canon EOS 1200d 18mm f/11 1/60sec. ISO200
The 5th Ave. Canon EOS 1200d 29mm f/11 1/10sec. ISO200
The 5th Ave. Canon EOS 1200d 18mm f/11 1/13sec. ISO200
Washington Square. Canon EOS 1200d 23mm f/11 1/40sec. ISO200
Washington Square. Canon EOS 1200d 25mm f/11 1/6sec. ISO200
Street Art in New York. Canon EOS 1200d 33mm f/11 1/30sec. ISO200


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