When I was offered the opportunity I couldn’t say no. How could I resist to fly over the Alps? Sure, I don’t like airplanes so much, despite having to endure several flights every year… And yes, this time it was a very small airplane… But then again, who could say no to flying so close to these mighty mountains!! So, of course, I said yes!
The adventure started on a small airfield near Zürich very early in the morning. For a November day it was already very cold and foggy. But when a few holes opened in the clouds, we took off. I have to confess that I was a bit scared in the beginning, but as soon as I started seeing the white mountains above the fog, I forgot about everything else and I started to take photos of everything that caught my eye. We landed in Cannes, where we had lunch by the beach while enjoying a mild sunny day. After lunch, we hopped  back on the plane and flew along the Côte d’Azur before heading over the Alps back to Zürich.
Being face to face with some of the highest mountains in Europe was an incredible experience! A very intimate view of these huge formations, far from what you can see from the window of a comercial flight. Of couse, taking photos wasn’t easy! The small airplane vibrates a lot and the windows weren’t as clean as I would’ve liked. I also wish I had known that I should use bigger appertures (and faster shutter speeds), but I like the results I got anyway.
Here are some of the (hundreds of!) photos I took that day. I hope you like them!! 🙂

A sea of fog. Canon EOS1200D 250mm f/11 1/800 ISO100
The forest. Canon EOS1200D 250mm f/11 1/400sec. ISO100
Swiss valley. Canon EOS1200D 70mm f/11 1/160sec. ISO100
Swiss Alps. Canon EOS1200D 109mm f/11 1/1000sec. ISO400
Côte d’Azur. Canon EOS1200D 89mm f/11 1/500sec. ISO400
Autumn vs. Winter. Canon EOS1200D 79mm f/11 1/800sec. ISO400
Italian Alps. Canon EOS1200D 178mm f/11 1/800sec. ISO100
Looking to the South. Canon EOS1200D 55mm f/11 1/2500sec. ISO400
Italian landscape. Canon EOS1200D 55mm f/11 1/1000sec. ISO400
Monte Viso. Canon EOS1200D 250mm f/11 1/1000sec. ISO400
Italian Alps. Canon EOS1200D 149mm f/11 1/1000sec. ISO400
Swiss landscape. Canon EOS1200D 70mm f/11 1/400sec. ISO400
Canon EOS1200D 124mm f/11 1/500sec. ISO400
Sunset at the airfield. Canon EOS1200D 30mm f/11 1/1600sec. ISO1600

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