After almost one month of holidays in Spain, I’m back in Ireland. It’s been a wonderful month of heat, clear skies, beach, countryside, family, wonderfull food and calm. Just what I needed to face the new season in Ireland!
I’ve been travelling a bit this month. One of my stops was the province of Cáceres, in the west part of Spain and the border with Portugal. I already showed you a few photos I took there the last Christmas (Rainy Extremadura). I spent a few days there, some in mid-August and other at the end of the month.
The first day in Cáceres I explored the area of Hervás, a town in the north of the province. It sits in the Ambroz river valley and it’s home of a beautifully conserved Jewish quarter from the 15th century. After exploring the town, I hiked the path that starts in the city and ends at the small and beautiful waterfall of La Chorrera.
One of my main reasons to spend some time in Cáceres is its sky at night. Far from the big cities, there is almost no light pollution, the perfect place to see a sky full of stars at night. Night photography and astrophotography are two of the types of photography I like and admire the most and I don’t have the opportunity to practice it very often, so I was looking forward to being in Cáceres this summer. The first nights I was there, there was a big almost full moon, so I couldn’t see the stars and I missed the Perseids. But I decided to come back two weeks later, with new moon. This time there was no shooting stars but I could see (and photograph!) the Milky Way. The results may not be as impressive as other night photographs in the magazines, but I think it’s still nice for a beginners camera 🙂

Hervás Jewish quarters. Canon EOS 1200D 18mm f/11 1/50sec. ISO 100
Hervás Jewish quarters. Canon EOS 1200D 18mm f/22 1/6sec. ISO 100
Hervás. Canon EOS 1200D 18mm f/11 1/100sec. ISO 100
La Chorrera. Canon EOS 1200D 10mm f/11 30sec. ISO 100 ND1024
Charca verde. Canon EOS 1200D 18mm f/9 60sec. ISO 100
Dusk at Gabriel y Galán reservoir. Canon EOS 1200D 18mm f/11 75sec. ISO 100
August moon. Canon EOS 1200D 250mm f/5.6 1/160sec. ISO 100
Olive grove under the moonlight. Canon EOS 1200D 10mm f/5.6 150sec. ISO 100
Green acorns. Canon EOS 1200D 109mm f/5 1/80sec. ISO 100
Don Pedro. Canon EOS 1200D 200mm f/5.6 1/800sec. ISO 100
A dragonfly. Canon EOS 1200D 250mm f/5.6 1/500sec. ISO 100
Milky Way. Canon EOS 1200D 18mm f/3.5 30sec. ISO 6400



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