Some time ago I saw a beautiful photograph of a big full moon rising behind the Poolbeg lighthouse in Dublin (I’ve already showed you some photographs of this lovely red lighthouse in Dublin, here during storm Henry, and here in another sunrise). I loved it and I started to think how a sunrise in the same place would look. I learnt that the sun rises behind the lighthouse just twice a year, close to the equinox days at the beginning of autumn and spring, so I had to wait for a few months…
One of the problems of planning a photo like this in Ireland is the weather. As the day was getting closer, I started to check the forecast and it didn’t look good… The exact days the sun was going to rise where I wanted were going to be very rainy and cold. In the end, I decided to go a bit earlier than planned. I woke up at 5, took my bike and rode to the Great  South Wall, just in time to see the sun rising in Dublin bay in a beautiful and rare clear sky.
I took dozens of photographs that morning. Here is a little sample of them, showing the changing colourful light of that sunrise. I hope you like them!

Canon EOS 1200D 157mm f/5.6 1/250sec. ISO 100
Canon EOS 1200D 250mm f/5.6 1/200sec. ISO 100
Canon EOS 1200D 143mm f/9 1/50sec. ISO 100 ND8


Canon EOS 1200D 55mm f/11 1/60sec. ISO 100

Canon EOS 1200D 55mm f/11 1/250sec. ISO 100

Canon EOS 1200D 250mm f/32 1/8sec. ISO 100


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