The spring couldn’t have begun better in Dublin this year. The equinox day was a cold but clear and beautiful day. I couldn’t resist the temptation of going again to my favourite place in the city to see the sunset and dusk: the Docklands . It was one of the most beautiful I’ve seen in the two years I’ve been living in Ireland.
As I didn’t want to take similar photos as I did the previous time, I chose different lenses. I tried to take some abstract images of the sun setting behind the buildings  instead of big colorful skies and cityscapes. Once the sun was gone, the blue hour was perfect again, with a clear sky full of stars and mirrorlike waters, so I take some photographs of the Docklands from different locations than the last time. It was a perfect first spring evening! Hope you like it!

Golden light. Canon 1200D 61mm f/22 1/100sec ISO 100
Sunset at the Liffey. Canon 1200D 55mm f/22 1/4sec ISO 100
Last light. Canon 1200D 89mm f/22 1/8sec. ISO 100
Last light 2. Canon 1200D 250mm f/22 1/8sec. ISO 100
Pastel skies. Canon 1200D 55mm f/22 2.5sec. ISO 100
The Jeanie Johnston, Samuel Beckett Bridge and CCD building. Canon 1200D 15mm f/16 30sec. ISO 100
Reflections in Grand Canal Square. Canon 1200D 10mm f/8 30sec. ISO 100
Ringsend and Poolbeg towers. Canon 1200D 55mm f/7.1 30sec. ISO 100

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