I know I said in my last post that I would try to write more frequently… Well, I didn’t. I’ve been taking photos, I’ve been travelling and exploring new landscapes, but I haven’t been able to find the time to sit in front of my laptop and start writing…

The reason? I became a mum to a beautiful baby that doesn’t leave me too much free time. At least, not enough to sit down, edit photos, write a post, publish… As I said above, I’ve been quite busy! We travelled, we hiked with this little bundle of joy since he was very very young, we explored new places, we went on holidays and I even have some photographic projects I will tell you about when they’re ready. I took thousands of photos last year! But most of them are now family photos. And I love that fact! I always dreamt of knowing how to take photos to have a beautiful family album… Now I am making it, day by day… Not always with the camera (we all know that phone cameras are faster than a DLSR, hehehe, no matter how much you love the latter, the phone is always always with you). And I’m not very frequently in front of the lens, always on the other side. But I don’t mind. I love to capture small gestures and big baby milestones, daily moments and those very special occasions.

It’s been one year since this crazy adventure of mine begun. This post is a little tribute to this last year and a celebration of this tiny person that makes us so happy everyday. A year full of new challenges, adventures, some hard moments and loooots of beautiful ones. One year full of great memories, indeed. I will be back soon with more travel and landscapes, but for now, I hope you like these images from my private album! See you soon!


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