Spring is here. Even if we are confined at home, the world hasn’t stopped for us and everything is blooming all around us. As I said in my previous post, I don’t plan to stop taking photos. I need to find beauty during these uncertain days. I find it very calming and healing. We may be in a lock down in Switzerland and the best we can do now is staying at home. Fortunately, we can still have small walks to stretch our legs around the forests that surround our little town and the small valley as long as we practice social distancing (more than 2 metres apart from other people). We try not to do that very often and respect the “stay at home” rule, but whenever we go out, my camera is an extension of my hand!

And the forest is not the only place where plants are blooming now. One of my favorite things about my apartment is my terrace. Is not huge, but big enough to have a few plants and pots. I’ve tried during the last two years to plant things that start blooming continuously from February to autumn. So far, it has worked! I’m still learning which flowers work and which don’t (a few have died during the learning process…). But while I’m still trying and learning, my terrace has flowers (bee and butterfly friendly flowers!!) and it has become my little oasis. When the sun is out, busy bees, chubby bumblebees and occasional butterflies flutter from flower to flower, delighting me while I try to photograph them. I tried to lure also birds (specially great tits and robins) to my terrace with food during winter… But that hasn’t worked that well (I’ll keep trying anyway!).

Here are some photos I’ve been taking during these last days. I hope they cheer you up during these strange days!


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