After a few days off, I’m back! 2018 was a busy year for me. I didn’t make any long trip this past year, but I tried to go outdoors every week and get to know Switzerland a bit better. And I think I did well! I spent almost one day a week in the mountains and hiking has become one of my favorite sports. I discovered a lot of stunning places, I got a bit fitter and strong and I took thousands of photos! And, on the way, I learnt a lot!! About photography: composition, color; about the editing process, etc. I even learnt a few things when I created the new website to replace my old WordPress blog! I got to know my new camera and lens… And I published more than 500 photos in 44 posts in 2018…

Definitely, I needed a small break! These past weeks I’ve been in Spain, enjoying the Christmas holidays with my family and friends. I tried not to think a lot about the blog and social media during these days. But I had my camera with me and I’ve been taking a few shoots. Some are just family portraits that I will keep to myself, but I also had the opportunity to wake up early and enjoy the sunrise alone (well, luckily, during winter in Spain the sun doesn’t rise very early in the morning :P) in the countryside. And there, I was also able to see a sky full of stars…

And I have news! Apart from relaxing and being with my family, I also wrote an article… Yes! An article! With my photos!! It’s been published in an online travel magazine, Stade Magazine. And here’s the link to the article:

The Last Days of the Ice Giants by Mercedes Catalan

So, here’s my first post of this new year… With some photos I took in Extremadura, Spain. This 2019 looks promising. I have already a few trips planned. And I’m so looking forward to putting on my boots again and being back in the Swiss mountains!! And I’m eager to share all of this with you!


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