Last week I finally visited another area that has been in my Swiss bucket list for a long time: Appenzell and the Alpstein mountains. I was very excited with this trip. I’ve been seeing photos from this area for almost a year. Green rolling hills, high mountains, dark green lakes between the mountains… I was looking forward to seeing all these during winter, covered in snow!

We left home early in the morning to catch the train. I’ve been travelling by train around Switzerland since I moved here and I love it! This time it wasn’t any different. We saw the sunrise from the train, the golden light coloring the frozen green hills of the Appenzell canton and the mountains arising in the horizon. Our final stop was Ebenalp. We wanted to hike from the ski station to the alpine lake of Seealp (Seealpsee in German). Unfortunately, the path was closed. But we could enjoy a small walk using snowshoes! It was my first time using them and I really enjoyed it! And I could also enjoy the impressive views of the Alpstein mountains and Seealpsee from above. After this walk, we went down to Wasserauen with the cable car and we hiked from there to the lake. There we found the beautiful dark water of the lake mirroring the Mt. Säntis, the highest summit of this area.

From there, we finished the day in Appenzell town, a beautiful and colorful village where we bought the tasty and famous Appenzeller cheese 😉

Here are some photos from that day. As you can see, the landscapes here are as beautiful as in the other areas of Switzerland I have already shown you. I am already dreaming with how these views will be in summer… 🙂

Ebenalp. Canon EOS1200D 55mm f/11 1/125sec. ISO100
Seealpsee from Ebenalp. Canon EOS1200D 23mm f/11 1/125sec. ISO100
Views from Ebenalp. Canon EOS1200D 55mm f/11 1/60sec. ISO100
Views from Ebenalp. Canon EOS1200D 20mm f/11 1/80sec. ISO100
Ice. Canon EOS1200D 18mm f/11 1/200sec. ISO100
Mt. Säntis reflected in Seealpsee. Canon EOS1200D 18mm f/22 15sec. ISO100
Reflections in Seealpsee. Canon EOS1200D 33mm f/11 1/40sec. ISO100
Seealpsee Berghaus. Canon EOS1200D 39mm f/11 1/160sec. ISO100
Seealpsee. Canon EOS1200D 18mm f/11 1/160sec. ISO!00
Reflections in Seealpsee. Canon EOS1200D 55mm f/11 1/60sec. ISO100
Reflections in Seealpsee. Canon EOS1200D 25mm f/11 1/80sec. ISO100
Reflections in Seealpsee. Canon EOS1200D 55mm f/11 1/160sec. ISO100
Little church in Seealpsee. Canon EOS1200D 18mm f/11 1/60sec. ISO100
Appenzell town. Canon EOS1200D 23mm f/11 1/30sec. ISO100
Appenzell town. Canon EOS1200D 29mm f/11 1/30sec. ISO100



Weekly Photo Challenge


  1. Spectacular photos and landscape Mercedes!

    • Thanks a million, Michael!!! I think this is already one of my favourite places in Switzerland! And it is for sure one of the most impressive alpine lakes I’ve seen so far 🙂

  2. Simply beautiful photography. My favorite is the cabin in the middle of all that snow. I loved the broken ice and mirror images too.

    • Thanks a mil, Anne!!!! It was quite a day!!! From the top of the mountain it looked like spring is already coming…. And from the lake, it was still winter, so cold… we even saw an avalanche falling in the valley!! It was really impressive! I have to go to this place again in other season… It must be also impressive with green everywhere!
      Have a great week!

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  4. Preciosas fotos Mer, el sitio increíble de bonito

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