A few weeks ago, the weekend of my birhtday, a friend proposed us a plan: drive through Klausenpass in his Porsche. Of course, we couldn’t say no! We hadn’t been in any Swiss mountain pass yet, but I had already seen some photos on Instagram: narrow roads with incredibly tight curves that look like snakes, high mountains all around with snowed peaks even in summer, green valleys… I was very curious to see a mountain pass in person.
Of course, the experience was even better than I expected. We went on a beautiful and sunny day. On our way to Klausenpass we drove along the lake of Lucerne, where we stopped to enjoy the views of its turquoise water. Then we headed to Schächen Valley, where we started the ascend to the summit of Klausenpass, at 1948 meters above the sea level. It was a beautiful and fun trip, driving fast through these winding roads while enjoying the gorgeous Swiss landscape.
Thanks, David, for such an amazing birthday gift!! 🙂

Lucerne lake. Canon EOS1200D 18mm f/10 1/400sec. ISO400
Schächen Valley. Canon EOS1200D 18mm f/10 1/200sec. ISO100
Schächen Valley. Canon EOS1200D 55mm f/10 1/125sec. ISO100
Klausenpass. Canon EOS1200D 18mm f/10 1/200sec. ISO100
Klausenpass. Canon EOS1200D 33mm f/10 1/200sec. ISO100
Beetle. Canon EOS1200D 18mm f/3.5 1/800sec. ISO100
Canon EOS1200D 25mm f/11 1/50sec. ISO100

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