It seemed impossible, but spring is finally here in Dublin. Everything is green now, flowers have bloomed and the sun has showed up! At least for a few days… In days like these, one of my favourite short trips from Dublin is Howth. Howth is a small peninsula at the northern tip of Dublin bay and also the name of the small and lovely fishing village in this peninsula. There are some nice hike trails on the edge of the cliffs surrounding the peninsula, a beautiful lighthouse and a few nice spots to watch seabirds nesting in summer. The village has a lot of seafood restaurants near the port, where it’s easy to see seals playing in the water when the fishing boats return from the sea.
I went to Howth this Saturday. The sky was clean and the temperature mild enough to enjoy a picnic and a nice walk on Howth cliffs. Although it wasn’t the best day for photograph, I enjoyed experimenting with some filters and exposures. I hope you like the results!

Howth cliffs. Canon EOS 1200D 21mm f/11 1/60sec. ISO 100
Baily Lighthouse. Canon EOS 1200D 149mm f/29 20sec. ISO 100 ND1024
Baily Lighthouse. Canon EOS 1200D 55mm f/22 1/40 ISO 100
Jump! Canon EOS 1200D 100mm f/5 1/1250sec. ISO 100
Whitewater Brook. Canon EOS 1200D 13mm f/10 30sec. ISO 100 ND1024
Howth pier and Ireland’s Eye in the background. Canon EOS 1200D 250mm f/5.6 1/640sec. ISO 100
A seal enjoying the sun in Howth port.


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