Founded in 1592 by Queen Elisabeth I, the Trinity College of Dublin is the oldest university of Ireland. The interior of the college has an impressive set of buildings dating from the 17th to the 20th century, cobbled squares and college greens and its most iconic landmark: the Campanille.
I’ve usually visited the College during the day, when it’s usually crowded by both students and turists. I tried to take photos of the place during these visits, but there are always so many people taking selfies that I never like the result… This is why I visited the place at night. Then the College is empty except for a few students. I could then take photographs of the buildings and the famous Campanille. The night was cold and misty, the stones on the ground were wet and shiny and the sky had a beautiful pink and orange color. The result of my visit: an unusual  and colourful view of this iconic sight of Dublin.

Trinity College of Dublin. Canon EOS 1200D 18mm f/11 30sec. ISO 100
Campanille. Canon EOS 1200D 12mm f/11 30sec. ISO 100
Parliament Square. Canon EOS 1200D 12mm f/11 30sec. ISO 100

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