Located in the eastern part of Dublin, the Docklands are a recently renovated area at both sides of the River Liffey. What was once a derelict and very contaminated area close to the Dublin port, now is a busy and modern area full of glass business buildings, modern apartments and new landmarks, like the harp shaped Samuel Beckett Bridge, the Convention Centre Dublin or the Grand Canal Square.
This is one of my favourite parts of Dublin, not only because it is very close to my neighbourhood, but also because I love how different it looks in contrast with the city centre: the taller and modern buildings, the open spaces and the reflections of the water and glass make the whole area look brigher, cleaner and more luminous. It’s a very interesting place to photograph.
This past week has been sunny (yeeei!!). Despite of the cold, I went out to enjoy the last hours of the day. Although it was a bit cloudy at first, the clouds disapeared with the sun and I could enjoy one of the most perfect dusks I’ve experienced in Dublin: a perfect blue hour with still water and clear skies.

Sunset at the River Liffey. Canon 1200D 18mm f/11 1/80sec. ISO 100
Calm waters. Canon 1200D 18mm f/29 0,4sec. ISO 100
Light trails. Canon 1200D 18mm f/29 25sec. ISO 100
The harp. Canon 1200D 18mm f/29 25sec. ISO 100
Samuel Beckett Bridge and CCD building. Canon 1200D 10mm f/22 30sec. ISO 100
Grand Canal Square reflections. Canon 1200D 10mm f/11 30sec. ISO 100
Blue hour at Grand Canal Square. Canon 1200D 10mm f/5.6 30sec. ISO 100


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