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I recently discovered a new place in Zurich. It’s very close to my home, merely 20 minutes by bus, and even closer by car (which I hope I can use soon), so I think this spot will be the subject of more future posts. The place is Türlersee, a little […]

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Looking for the glacier

The last weekend of February a Siberian storm called Emma, a.k.a. “the Beast from the East”, visited Europe and, of course, Switzerland. While the storm brought very low temperatures and beautiful and rare snowy postcards to some European capitals like Dublin or Rome, here in Switzerland it brought freezing temperatures […]

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White Sunday

A few weeks ago I went to the mountains with some friends. We chose Mt. Rigi, which is very close to Zurich and has a lot of winter hiking trails well maintained during all seasons (I have already shown you photos from Rigi here). When I was planning this trip, […]

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