Cashel is probably one of the most well-known places in Ireland. Located in Tipperary County, it is home to the medieval monastic settlement of the Rock of Cashel.
The origin of the monastery is supposed to date back to the 5th century, when the king of Munster was converted to Christianity by St. Patrick. There are no remains of that period. The oldest remains are the round tower and the Cormac’s chapel, from the 12th century. The main building, the cathedral, dates back to the 13th century. What once was one of the main centers of political and religious power in Ireland, today is an impresive romanesque and gothic archeological site rising on a green hill.
But the Rock is not the only old monastic setlement in the area. The old Hore Abbey, the ruins of a Cirstecian monastery, is located just a few hundred metres down the hill from where the Rock sits. And the village itself is full of ruins of old churches, towers and colourful buildings.

Cashel Main street. Canon 1200D 18mm f/11 1/30sec. ISO 100
Kearney Castle. Canon 1200D 18mm f/11 1/30sec. ISO 100
Frescoes at Cormac’s chapel. Canon 1200D 18mm f/9 1/6sec. ISO 1600
Round tower. Canon 1200D 18mm f/11 1/30sec. ISO 100
Rock of Cashel, Cathedral. Canon 1200D 18mm f/11 1/30sec. ISO 100
The Rock of Cashel. Canon 1200D 36mm f/13 1/40sec. ISO 100
Hore Abbey. Canon 1200D 18mm f/13 1/20sec. ISO 100
Hore Abbey. Canon 1200D 55mm f/13 1/20sec. ISO 100


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