I am one of those people who loves Christmas. It always makes me feel like a little girl again. I love the festive mood that takes over everyone in the darkest month of the year. The streets are full of people despite the cold and the bad weather and everything looks brighter and more beautiful than ever.
I’ve always liked to visit cities in December. Even if you’re living in a place for a long time, during Christmas it shows a different part of its personality. Cities always want to look at their best during Christmas. Dublin is not an exception. Street lights, big Christmas trees, beautiful frontshops, markets, fairs… Even under the continuos rain, Dublin looks gorgeous.
The weather hasn’t been nice since the Christmas season started in Dublin. Even so, I managed to go downtown and take some photographs of the city and I didn’t want to go to Spain before sharing them with you. I hope you like them!

Christmas tree at GPO. Canon 1200D 18mm f/22 30sec. ISO 100
Grafton Street. Canon 1200D 18mm f/3.5 1/13sec. ISO 400
The crowd. Canon 1200D 18mm f/20 30sec. ISO 100
Bank of Ireland. Canon 1200D 29mm f/4.5 1/13sec. ISO 400
Carousel at IFSC. Canon 1200D 20mm f/22 30sec. ISO 100
Carousel. Canon 1200D 50mm f/1.8 1/40sec. ISO 200



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