Ireland is full of ruins of ancient buildings and constructions, some of them as old as 3200 years BC. These old ruins of burial sites, abbeys, monasteries, cemeteries and castles contribute to the air of mystery, romanticism and melancholy so typical in Ireland. A feeling intensified in grey and rainy days.
In Trim, not far from Dublin, there is one of those castles in ruins. The castle of Trim is the biggest Anglo-Norman castle in Ireland, from the 12 century. It was the administrative centre of the area of Meath during the Middle Ages and, although its importance declined during the 16 and 17 centuries, the castle was still used until the 19 century.
Today, the great tower and the walls of the castle are still standing. The castle beside the river Boyne is one of the most beautiful sights in Ireland, specially in cloudy days. The day I went to Trim I could photograph the castle as well as the Yellow Steeple, the only tower remaining of the St. Mary’s Abbey, and the Sheep’s Gate of the old walls of the city at the opposite shore of the river.
After visiting Trim, I have no doubt why its Castle was chosen as one of the locations for the movie Braveheart. 🙂


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