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First blog-anniversary!!

One year ago I published the first post in this blog. I was really nervous and excited. Nervous, because I’m very shy and it was a bit strange to share my photos with the whole world and in a language that isn’t my mother tongue… But it’s always exciting to share the photographs […]

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The Icelandic waterfalls. Part II

A few weeks ago I showed you some of the waterfalls I found in Northern Iceland. Today, I want to show you a few more. The first one is Skógafoss, located in South Iceland. This is one of the tallest waterfall of the country, with a height of 60m. The legend says […]

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The Icelandic waterfalls. Part I

When you travel around Iceland you see many waterfalls… A lot!! Some of them are just trickles of water melting from glaciers in the mountains, others are huge and thunderous and majestic. All of them are beautiful. Trying to choose the most beautiful ones to write about them is very […]

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