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First blog-anniversary!!

One year ago I published the first post in this blog. I was really nervous and excited. Nervous, because I’m very shy and it was a bit strange to share my photos with the whole world and in a language that isn’t my mother tongue… But it’s always exciting to share the photographs […]

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Dublin’s summer visitor

Summer is coming. After a very short spring, the weather has finally improved a bit and the temperatures have risen suddenly in the last days. People has started to wear lighter clothes, the terraces and parks are full of people enjoying the sun… And the tall ships are coming again […]

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Gorch Fock

Living in Dublin has some perks. Visits of beautiful tall ships are one of them, specially when these are training ships from all around the world. Last september we enjoyed the visit of one of the two German training ships, the Gorch Fock, who docked at the river Liffey. Definitely, she enhanced the […]

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