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Lapland III. Above the Arctic Circle

It wasn’t until our third day in Lapland that we actually went above the Arctic Circle. The first two days (you can find the photos from those days here and here), we just explored forested areas that were located under the Napapiiri (the Finnish word for Arctic Circle). But it […]

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Lapland II. The Bear Trail

After a very nice first day exploring the area near Rovaniemi, in our second day we drove to the Southeast part of Lapland, to Oulanka National Park, close to the border with Russia. This part of the country was traditionally Sami, until it became part of Finland around the 17th […]

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Lapland. A frozen world

I love the North. I don’t know why and I know it’s not very common, specially from someone who comes from Spain, specifically from the Canary Islands. People are always looking for warmer places and tropical beaches for their holidays. But I prefer colder destinations. And it’s not because I’m […]

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