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Summer in Bern

If last week I took you to summer Zurich, this time we are travelling to Bern, the capital of Switzerland. We have already been there, remember? It was during a beautiful and cold autumn day. Golden tones dominated the city, the scent of roasted chestnuts filled the air and the […]

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My birthday present

My birthday is here again… oh, time flies!!! I’ve been thinking about what I should post for this week and it wasn’t easy to choose a theme or a series of photos. The fact that we haven’t been hiking that much lately doesn’t help either… But I was having a […]

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The fox family

My obsession with foxes began in Ireland. One morning I opened the window and there it was, a fox under my window… a very brief sight of an urban fox followed by other two in a very short time… And then I discovered two photographers on Instagram that take beautiful […]

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