One of the things I like to do in any city is visiting its parks. Even if you’re in a huge megapolis, it allows you to escape from the noisy and busy streets and connect with the nature.
This is specially true in Dublin. It has a lot of green spaces. The largest one is Phoenix Park, which is also one the largest walled parks in Europe. There you can find many things to do: cycling along the long avenues, playing rugby, cricket, gaelic football and hurling, visiting the Dublin zoo… But if I have to choose one thing to do in Phoenix Park, this is photographing its beautiful wildlife, specially the wild fallow deers that roam freely in the park.
These animals are the descendants of those introduced in the park in the 17 century for sport hunt. Now the herd has over 450 members and are protected by the authorities.
These photos were taken last winter. The deers still have their winter coat, dark brown, and antlers. In spring and summer, they change their coat, which is then ligth brown with white motles, more “Bambi-like”.

The herd. Canon 1200D 152mm f/5 1/400sec. ISO 100
A smilling doe. Canon 1200D 250mm f/5.6 1/400sec. ISO 100
A buck. Canon 1200D 135mm f/5 1/500sec. ISO 100


A herd of bucks. Canon 1200D 250mm f/5.6 1/500sec. ISO 100
Canon 1200D 135mm f/5 1/500sec. ISO 100
The buck. Canon 1200D 113mm f/5 1/800sec. ISO 100
Canon 1200D 250mm f/5.6 1/400sec. ISO 100



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