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Color for grey days

This last week has been a bit boring in Dublin. It’s been raining and very cloudy lately and it has affected my mood during the last days… The result: I haven’t felt very inspired to take photographs lately. Fortunately, I’m going to Spain in a few days. I know that after a […]

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Beneath the cherry blossom

One of the reasons I fell in love with Stockholm when I was living there was its seasons. I was used to the dry, warm and sunny Spanish weather and every change in Stockholm was like a new surprise for me: the impressive colorful autumn, the stillness and pure whiteness […]

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Early spring

A few weeks ago I wrote about how long this winter is being in Ireland… Lots of storms, many cloudy and windy days and cold and humid weather… In other words, I didn’t have many opportunities to go out and take photos… But this is changing. Days are getting longer […]

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